Happy Birthday Ricky!

Though I'm no longer on Malta
I feel I oughta
Send a Birthday post
As I'm not there to toast
So, enjoy your day
And I'll just say
"Don't take a risk
Have a Cisk!"

(and no, my new job is not writing corny Greetings Cards sentiments, but you'd never know it!)

Cheers Ricky


PS I hope Facebook got your birthday right!

Have a great birthday Ricky.

Happy Birthday Ricky :)


Hi all,

thanks for your birthday wishes! -)))

I treated myself and Ilene to a trip off the island to Syracuse in Sicilly. We just got back from the seeing the Greek theatre in the Archeological Park - great place to visit.

I will be celebrating with a beer or two and something other than the usual pizza or pasta -)) Something with a decent piece of meat.  I'm still looking and hopeful!


A bit late but still: Happy B'Day!

That's three Cisk for you :))))