Hi Folks,

Days are now starting to shoot by till departure date and I'm really not too sure where the hours are going!

However, help from anyone that has used the Ferries to either Lovorno or Genova(?) recently... Last time I went down to the ferry terminal, they had diversions everywhere and digging roads left right and centre (obviously work creation hehe) but is this still the situation and if so which is the best way to get to the departures area from the regional road?

all assistance greatly appreciated???



Has anybody taken the ferry to Genova on their way back to the UK (or is this a new service?) and if so, how was the return route up through Switzerland / France plus has anyone used the Dieppe / Newhaven ferry? All comments very very welcome!



Its the same service Mike, It changes from Livorno to Genoa. You Can still use the Mont Blanc tunnel and then through france which was the way that I came. down, but continued to Livorno.