Organize your move to Croatia

Hi all,

we invite you to share your experience about moving to Croatia.

Here is a list of questions which might help the ones preparing their move to Croatia:

What would you bring and what would you leave behind?

Is it a good idea to bring furniture or domestic appliances?

Any foodstuffs that are banned in Croatia?

Is it better to bring a car or to buy one once settled in Croatia?

Any advice for the ones who are moving to Croatia?

Thank you in advance for your participation :)

Good idea ::thanks::

What a great idea for a post...shame there is no info.

Anyone care to share?

Organize your move to Croatia

sjbegonja :

What a great idea for a post...shame there is no info.

Anyone care to share?

Hi all, Me and my husband plan to move to Croatia next June/July (2014). We bought a property in 2010 about 45km from Zagreb in a farming area. We have been over a lot to stay there and love our house and the little town its in, the people are wonderful and have made us very welcome. We have been driving over and taking a trailer each time full of stuff that we don't use much. The flat will be down to floor boards and cushions by the end of the year at this rate. We are taking most of our furniture, some is old and not worth the move. We have bought cooker, fridge, freezer and washing machine out there as I don't think ours would survive the trip. We have a lot to sort out in the next 12 months but with all the friends and professional help we have had we hope everything will go ok. We have motor bikes. The rules on them are a bit different and unlike the car you cannot get uk insurance for them if you are living abroad, only holiday insurance. So we may need to buy bikes over there which are a lot more expensive. It would be criminal not to have a motor bike in Croatia, all these Islands and stunning coastal roads.

WOW! What exciting times for you guys.

We used a moving company as we had to travel across a huge distance, but DIY sounds like fun.. well kind of.


We moved here, full time, about 4 years ago.We had a house built, still waiting to be finished!Builders, same all over the world.. We found it better to buy car here, wheel on wrong side, and insurance a nightmare. We moved ourselves from Uk using a ,backload, system a LOT cheaper.Most of furniture, sofa,s beds came here. Garden tools,also, can.t get used to the long handles on shovels. we brought white goods new in Zagreb.Apply for a medical ID helps a lot when seeing doctor, and if you need pescriptions. Dont forget to apply for visa to stay or you are fined min 1000 kuna. Now in EU not sure what will be. Will find out when I apply again in November. For me food here is great, you can get Uk food in shops, Lidl is great when english weeks are on.We find local transport to be great.We have a water pump in garden, tested it and is Ok for drinking. Water in Zagreb area is ,hard, so we fitted filters on mains water.Hope you enjoy Croatia:)Oh yes if you can bring roses for garden they love it here

we bought all our furniture with us when we moved here.Also i think it is better to buy a car here because that is what we did.

We moved here 4 years ago to Rijeka- Croatia. We moved most of our furniture and garden tools etc with us but bought all appliances and white ware here so that it is under warranty in Croatia and can get serviced, same reason we bought car here so it can be serviced and warranty is valid here.
If I could do it all over I would by most of the furniture here too. They have lot of great furniture stores and it is not so expensive you must just plan ahead as most take 3 months to deliver on your order ... unless you go to the new IKEA in Zagreb which has same day take home furniture! :) yeppie yeah for IKEA!
One thing they do not have is good quality percale cotton linen everything is a hard linen that is oh so scratchy.
Also they are limited in designer fabrics for interior but Italy is just a drive away and then you have so many choices there.
If you coming from UK no custard powder is found here. Most of the other stuff I have managed to find and more of it is becoming availble since Croatia joined the EU. Whatever is not here you can order on  including food and it is delivered in 1-2 weeks. (shipping is bit pricy thou)

Hi for brit food try out  British corner shop. Excellent service., or there is a site based in Germany, Not quite as good range but ok. We are still trying to get fresh and frozen food to Zagreb, but have found set up costs a bit high for now and are working onnit

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