Belgium online dating

Hi there!

I wonder if some kind soul can help me out.
I am planning to move to Brussels.
I am a single mum and I am considering joining a Belgian online dating website but don`t know which one is good?
Are there any specifically for single mums?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


try think it's free for girls ;) but its depends on what u r looking for :-)

There is also a personals section in the Belgium classifieds ;)

A few months ago, I wanted a fair lady friend. I started with a pool of 100, spread over various dating agencies. Two weeks later, 2 people were remaining. 1 is a factory worker in Antwerp, and 1 is my best of best friends now, a girl aged 14 who has autism and adhd (I also have Asperger and ADHD). Her sister is a psychiatrist, so there's no hanky panky or funny stuff going on. I feel like a father and her buddy to her. Already I put down on paper she (Chloe) is to receive my inheritance, since I'm alone (no family), and my net worth is (no boasting) USD 813 MIO. Why did I do this? Simple: the future (of our planet) rests in the hands of the young. Chloe and I read each other's minds, and at my ripe old age of 46 and having travelled the Western World, I can comfortably say she is one out of a million. We have not met, and we have no plans to meet.

Long story to illustrate: 1) don't spend on online dating too quickly, most of them are shrewd scammers, and 2) have no expectations, and you may well find one very special person, the way I did.

In case you wonder, she has only 4 more years to go before she's a legal adult, and she already received a non-romantic declaration of my love for her, and she reciprocates with other words to that effect, so I confess that it is my hope and intention to invite her to my home in Chicago, parents included, sister included, when the time is ripe.

There ARE some good people out there, but you must expect to find them in places you least expect them.

Final tip, and this is not a racist remark: stay clear from anything Ghana or Nigeria, or from pretty pictures or fairy-tale stories. They are the hallmark of scammers. And there must be oh about 20 to 1 scammers on the market you want to explore.

Stefaan Meeuws

Am an easy going person, don't wanna play, don't want to hurt and don't want to get hurt. . . . Need a good and serious friend. . . . life is too down short . . . need someone to spend this wonderful life with. . . Are u out there? xxxx

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