looking for an apartment/room sharing in Oslo

Hi friends,

This is Vivek, I have moved to Oslo few days back and am looking for a shared accomodation in Oslo which is really difficult to find. I would really appreciate if any one can help if they come across. I am searching in finn.no but not much response. appreciate your feedback friends.


Hi Vivek!

Have you tried posting an advert in the accommodation section of Oslo classifieds?
It might help!


Hi Armand,

Not yet I will do it now :-) do you also live in Oslo aswell?


No. Mauritius where it is "a little" warmer ;)

vow man you are on the right part of the planet :) and its freezing in Oslo :/


I am thinking to move to oslo on job seeker visa with 15 years experience in supply chain.  Once i reach oslo what are the chance of getting job.

Kindly respond....


Hello Vivek,


       I'm also looking for accomodation, and I don't want to spend huge money in renting a place for alone. Just wondering, if you consider sharing the flat.

I work in Kolbotn, which is about 12km to Oslo. Currently living in company accomodation, but have to move out soon, since its past 3 years I'm living in Norway.

Please give me a call on 95029923, if you still haven't found a place


Hi Ajit,

I have got an appartment for sharing at the moment and cannot share, but I will surely let you know if there is some place which I come across. I have struggled in getting one you know how difficult it is to get one in Oslo.


Hello Vivek,

      Thank you for letting me know. Please let me know if you come across something...

And Happy Diwali :)


Happy Diwali to you too :) so how are you are celebrating Diwali?

Hi Shiva,

To be frank its not easy to find a job here the reason being the language it would be relatively easier if you know the language. The second is if you are coming for a job search from India for the first time then its going to be very expensive as you expenses will be at the higher side so you need to be ready for expenses.

just have a glance on the other topics which have been discussed earlier. surely will be of great help :)

best of luck!!


Unfortunately working... Came back to Norway after a long trip of 7 months.. So lots of pending work waiting for me here..

Hi my friends,

I hope you have a good time and I wish you all the bests.

I have got visa for Norway to come and search for job and I am a mechanical engineer. I will be in Oslo by 5th of December so I am looking for a shared room before I arrive to Oslo because I don't want to spend a lot on accommodation. I have searched Finn.no but wasn't successful, if anyone has any opportunity please send me a message. I will be thankful alot.

Kind regards.

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My slef harish..would be coming to oslo soon for a job..i would be happy to get a an accomodation on sharing basis..i am from india..and any indians pls do contact me..

Hi friends,
I'm Hari from Hyderabad. I shall be traveling to Oslo on long term stay. Can any one suggest me good accommodation at reasonable cost.


Hi all

feeling happy to know that there are indians in norway. i am applying for job seeker visa in this month end and just finalizing my application.

However i am wondering to know that, there are some guys who got the visa without showing accommodation arrangements in norway? as per the govt requirement and checklists, it is suggesting anyone who is applying for job seeker visa must have an arranged accommodation in norway before apply. But some friends here like shahinmp, harish got their visas and looking for accommodation this means that, they got visa without showing arranged accommodation in norway. i have all things ready except arranged accommodation documents. hence can you pls let me know, how you have managed visa without that?

Thanks i hope to hear from you soon

I am coming to oslo on 23feb,
If anyone can help me with sharing accommodation.
Mail me on [email protected]

Hi niren.mehta and welcome to Expat.com!

Why don't you post an advert in Oslo classifieds > Flat Share section? This may help.;)


hi ajit nd vivek
i m trying job seeler visa nd want to come there
i m homoeopathis doctor and i do my private practice
so plss can both of u give me some suggestion tht i hve any scope there r not

Can any one tell me please whether u can apply for job search visa without showing accommodation.. and if i have show it thn how its possible.. plzzzzz explain

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