Looking for a gated compound with pool and everything

ok i just found out the company we are partnered with have given up on finding compound accomodation for my wife and i is there any one that knows of a western compound in the area PLEASE feeling a bit stressed now thinking they had it sorted and now it's not and it's left to me to sort as well as working here too GREAT.

there are plenty compounds around. for starters have someone in your office get you an "Aqari" (realestate agent) who can get you in contact with the compound management. but youll need a saudi guy for that correspondence. you can try visiting compounds yourself if you wanna take the chance. theres Al-Rashid compound behind the chrysler dealership, and quiet a few compounds behind schlumberger yard (your driver should know about the locations)

ill keep a lookout for anything and let you know if i get any details.

good luck!

thanks for the heads up BTM though really it looks like i'm the guy in the office our saudi partners have given up so my mrs and i are teaming up on either side of the world and we gonna get this thing beaten lol

mind you not sure ahmed realises what is out there cos the budget he has set ain't gonna get us much if anything i mean 72K/sar is a bit on the low side i recon

You can contact the following Ppl.

Malonie Deasy,
Riyadh Village Manager:
Tel. No. 01 246 2400
Mobile No.: 0541362462


966-3-845 4144 (w)  |  966-3-845 4145 (f)  |  [email protected]   

Head Office
Al Hugayet Tower, Level 22
PO Box 2768, Khobar 31952    Riyadh Office
Al Faisaliya Tower, Level 18
PO Box 54995, Riyadh 11524

Hope this should Help you


In my opinion don't feel like you have to be in a compound.

You will read lots of misinformation on expat websites and also get lots of advice from people from different social backgrounds to yourself.

As a uk expat who has always lived in new top spec and well interior designed properties the only compounds I could find fitting this bill were 250k ++. I therefore decided to go with a brand new 280sqm apartment in a secure building (24h security, swimming pool, gym, nursery, games room, coffee shop, etc.) I've furnished it myself and it is great. I look forward to coming home after a day in the office.

By all means continue your compound search but also look at private apartments and villas.
..when you get your car sorted head over to the Park Inn in Rakah and have a look around that area.

it's not really for me it's for my wife really so she does at least have people living near her that are able to communicate and socialize with while i'm working. but thanks for the info

I'm sure you'll find the best solution and you will be happy so good luck.

The apartment I'm in has lots of expat women as well (however mostly non English) and shed loads of kids which is nice for my daughter :)

around 70k would get you a single bed or may be a two bed villa/apartment.
try googling " AL-suwaiket compound" and "oasis coumpund".
There are 2 property management companies.
1. "APS".
2. "Amana properties"

I would recommend "APS" as they own 4 or 5 compounds, some of them got apartments and few executive houses.


thanks everyone for your help I've been to several compounds now and got a short list for our Saudi partner to consider, i just find it amusing that a Saudi living in khobar with staff from khobar can't find in several weeks what i found in 1 week lmao looks like it might be gulf pearl 1 compound with a 2 bed villa 85k or ferdous 1 bed villa 75k all in the hands of the affor mentioned Saudi partner,

pmsl this is where everyone chips in with the OMG you don't want to go there and sends me the horror stories lol

I'm actually living off compound now. It's nice. Only problem is not having a gym, not that my compound even had one. :-/

Did you noticed original post was back in 2011 and subject is kinda panicking.

Jejuhime wrote:

I'm actually living off compound now. It's nice. Only problem is not having a gym, not that my compound even had one. :-/

Hello every one. In continuation of the same topic, can anyone please guide me where to look for a nice neighbour hood apartment with amenities such as gated security, pool, gym, play area for kids, games room, coffee shop etc. I dont have a high budget but I am hoping i can find something reasoanble. Any help with the Aqaris numbers would help too as we dont have any one in Dammam who can tell us about the place on a more personal level. our office is at Dammam Juabail High way. Also plz mention if its a gud idea to get a plc infront of the corniche. I am being advised otherwise.



Hi Dina,

What's your budget?


Hamley thats really useful to know that such apartments exist. Could you give me the name of the apartment you mentioned and others you know of


Hi  I'm moving to Khobar by end of Sept. Require a 3BHK in a compound with facilities for kids. Budget is from 75-85k P.A.. Kindly suggest or reach out to me.