I am considering moving to Antwerp with my family, would be great if anyone of you can provide some answers.

1. What should be a good take home salary for a family of 3
I have a non-working wife and 3 year old son. I would spend money on a decent(close to main market/area) 2 bedroom flat + internet + electricity + water. Eating out once a week and buying basic family grocery.

2. How expensive is the transportation?

3. How about daycare for children, is it very expensive? I wish to admit my child in english speaking daycare/school

4. Do expat get any social benefits?

Please be quick to reply, I need to make decision soon.

Welcome to Expat.com hmittal!;)

Have you taken a look at the different discussions of the forum? It may help.



the cost of daycare children are very high, you have to take at least 650€ /month

can be more expensive also...

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