Quick Question - Removal costs

Hi All,
weŽre moving to Malta at the end of the month, a friend of the family is moving our stuff in a transit van. We already live in Spain but he is coming from the UK. Other than petrol and ferry costs is there any other charges he is likely to come across for example at Malta customs???

No, If he is travelling on the Livorno ferry, you normally only drive off when you get to Valletta.

Don't forget the Tolls though through France and Italy.


There are a number of 'toll' fees to cover from the UK down to Spain as well.

When we moved over from Spain, we actually caught the Barcelona to Girona Ferry and then just had the short hop down to Livorno...

Thanks, IŽll look up all the tolls and get the route sorted. Just wanted to make sure we covered him with enough money for the trip :)

try the michelin mapping tool it covers all these sorts of things/ costs viamichelin.com

Ah excellent thanks so much we will get on there now and have a look. Thanks for the info x