Any ideas for a birthday gift?


Does anyone have any ideas for birthday gifts? It's for a friend: a girl, turning 30. I know that this is a hard question and that it's all relative and that you might have to know the person, etc. but I'm just trying to find something original...maybe some of you have offered a birthday gift to a friend here and they really liked it so I'm open to suggestions. Maybe there are some places here in Kuwait which offer cool gift certificates that I am not aware of or something (I know of Al Shaya gift card but I already offered her that once for her birthday so can't do that again).


Hi, you can buy for her necklace or ring. or go to with her to resturant and tell them you want them to make for her surprise for her birthday. or buy i phone for her :P

some hobby in which (s)He collects,stamps,old coins or anything like that.or something that the person wanted and didnt have time to search for it in the markets.or something really surprising

Hi ,If its a Girl give her something Blackberry   and if its a boy then give him a watch or a Iphone.

nowadays this is what  99.9% people give as gifts

You and hir can donate for Soumal ( or POOR PPL ) . ALLA will bless all of you.


@SaharEl   Hi, Good morning. I suggest for your gift to your friend, a Potrait that makes in Aluminum plate. It will not faded and looking very elegence. 

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