Child care in Bhutan


when settling in a new country, working parents are mostly concerned about finding child care services for their children.

What can you share with us about the child care system in Bhutan ?

How much is daycare in Bhutan?

Is the staff qualified at these daycare centers?

What are the usual opening hours?

Do they provide other services at the daycare center?

Any daycare center in Bhutan you would like to recommend to other expats? What makes them special?

Thank you for participating! :)

here in Bhutan all parents are concerned about their kids this days,
and yea we have daycare center and its always a positive results from them and the center.
The positive thing i found about daycare center is :
1. help parents,like they look after our kids ,as we shouldn't worry about babysitter.
2. children are explore more,they involved themselves to think and know the basic learning's.

Negative point i think is:when they fight among them ,they push and non one know what happen between the kids,if injured its risk to keep silent.

but till now, i observed its outcome is always good in my country.

Thanks a lot tserimdaza :top:


Please suggest some day care centers in thimphu for my 2 yr old daughter

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