Child care in Curitiba


when settling in a new country, working parents are mostly concerned about finding child care services for their children.

What can you share with us about the child care system in Curitiba ?

How much is daycare in Curitiba?

Is the staff qualified at these daycare centers?

What are the usual opening hours?

Do they provide other services at the daycare center?

Any daycare center in Curitiba you would like to recommend to other expats? What makes them special?

Thank you for participating! :)

Pls i am also interested n this.
Pls kindly advise


very good question, I'm also very interested in this topic. We're thinking of moving to Curitiba with a 3-year old and an infant. My wife will be home with the infant, so our main concern is to find some meaningful activities for the elder kid during the weekdays. Is most of the children of the same age on daycare centers, or are they usually at home (I mean generally, of course it may differ between neighborhoods)?

If they are mostly at home, I guess it would be easier to find friends to play with during the days. Maybe someone have some tips of social activities for children of his age?

Any response are very much appreciated! :)

Hello, Iam intrested in the same question, do someone now?

B.R Dan

Hello all,

In most major Brazilian cities there are private daycare centers (creche) and some cities also have them as part of their public school system. If the city does offer public creches the spaces are limited and you may have to wait for a slot.

Private creches aren't regulated very well here in Brazil so you need to be careful and do a full investigation of any that you might think of placing your child in. You should ask to have a complete tour of the facility and if you speak Portuguese or have someone who does, you should speak with other parents who have their children in that creche to see if they are satified or if there are problems.

Despite the lack of regulation and supervision in larger cities there are some that are really marvelous.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

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