Child care in Saigon


when settling in a new country, working parents are mostly concerned about finding child care services for their children.

What can you share with us about the child care system in Saigon ?

How much is daycare in Saigon?

Is the staff qualified at these daycare centers?

What are the usual opening hours?

Do they provide other services at the daycare center?

Any daycare center in Saigon you would like to recommend to other expats? What makes them special?

Thank you for participating! :)

I have not seen any daycare centers here, but that doesn't mean they do not exist.

From my experience when it comes to my relatives and foreigners living here, they have people that I call "helpers" hired by the family. They can also be categorized as nannies, but will do more if needed like laundry, run errands like grocery shopping, etc. These people can be hired, and it's rather inexpensive. Reason being is that these helpers may come from the country side and farms and go to Ho Chi Minh City looking for better paying jobs.
My cousins can hire nannies for each individual child too. They take the kids to school, pick them up, cook for them, do everything that the parents may not need to do while the parents work.

This is indeed a luxury as in the US it may not be affordable to hire someone to look after your children for the common household. But here in Vietnam, it seems to be the norm.

Also, when my grandmother came back to Saigon, my relatives hired a caretaker to look after her. The lady came from Hue (where my family originated from) and looked after my grandmother.

Thanks for your contribution Phi Long!;)


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