Child care in Vienna


when settling in a new country, working parents are mostly concerned about finding child care services for their children.

What can you share with us about the child care system in Vienna ?

How much is daycare in Vienna?

Is the staff qualified at these daycare centers?

What are the usual opening hours?

Do they provide other services at the daycare center?

Any daycare center in Vienna you would like to recommend to other expats? What makes them special?

Thank you for participating! :)

Well theres is many daycares in austria the public ones are free you can drop your children off as early as 7 tilll aboout 4 or so but they have also private ones that cost a bit so its really your choice. staff is qualified most of ther places are pretty good but theres always some not so good but heres a link of a good one thats all over vienna and has english speaking groups but its private but not much money

Hi mrnice,

Thank you for your help. :)

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