Printing T-Shirts

Anyone know where I can T-shirts printed? I'm only after odd one or two with some text written on them.


Yo, Send it to me will get it done for you.

Comtextile (H.K) Ltd.
HUD Building, 4/F, 159 Dien Bien Phu Ward 15.
Binh Thanh Dist. Ho Chi Minh City,


Alex, cheers I need to pick the T-shirt\Vest first, was hoping to find a shop that had some in stock to pick from.
But if I can find\guess the right size you can print on it?

Please contact me,may i can help...
Have a nice day ;)

Just wondering, how much is it to get it printed and overall cost?

It's up to how many color you want to print and what material of T-shirt. Before I printed so many kind of T-shirt as I remember they have two ways to print: heat transfer printing or normal printing.
1/With heat transfer printing you can print on any material (cotton, silk...) all you need just provide them file of picture jpeg, photoshop, corel... 20' for one T-shirt cost about 60.000-90.000.
2/Normal printing you can only print on cotton and will cost cheaper than heat transfer, about 45.000-55.000 (4 color). So if you want print on your T-shirt they need to check what kind material of your T-shirt.
You can buy T-shirt from those shop with good materials usually cost 80.000-120.000 so overall cost about 150.000-200.000.
I hope this helps.

Hi Loan, good info on prices and differences. Any advice on where to go?

laidbackfreak :

Hi Loan, good info on prices and differences. Any advice on where to go?

Hi laidbackfreak,
You can check out their quotation on their websites. Of course no english but you still can see their price and their Tshirt
1/ Gia Bao Shop: 681/4 Pham The Hien, Ward 4, District 8-0903653417
Normal printing for cotton T-shirt. Very good price and quality
2/ An Viet Phat: 58A Tan Son Nhi, Ward Tan Son Nhi, Tan Phu Dist
Heat transfer printing and normal printing. I didn't use their services before but my friend did. Good one too.
3/ PKFashion: 355/7 Su Van Hanh, ward 12, District 10
Normal printing. Good price and good quality.

You could also talk to the members of The Saigon Hash House Harriers, they get T shirts printed regularly (a couple of the members get one off and two off's printed), they meet at the Carravelle Hotel in District 1, every Sunday before 2pm.
Check website for details
hope this is helpful

I'm a fan of Westlife band. VNese fanclub has a uniform. I have a photo of that uniform : a T-Shirt. So, can they make a T-Shirt and print it for me? how does it cost? only one t-shirt, not many, will they accept to print one?

Hi phlam

I don't know how much, but of course it is more expensive to print only one or 2 shirts, also depends if the design is complicated and how many colours etc.
But I know a couple of the members of the Saigon hash have printed low volume (1 or 2 shirts) before.
So why not go along join them one Sunday and ask  them.

You might end up having a really good time and meet lots of people as well.


i need to print image about 40 cm on 30 cm
i got the jpg file high res about 3 or 4 colors
i need to print it on black t shirt
i need  eu sizes S M L (from 20 to 60 +)
if some one here can do it
please contact me
possible for more then 1 design
hope to hear from some one
im in ho chi minh at the moment but not for very long so....
thank you

Hi Moon, I got your message. Sorry we only mass produce.!

what do you mean mass produce?
i dont want 1
or how many do you mean
can you spesify more?

Try with this clue:
Ms Dung
Add : 246D Pasteur road, ward 8, D.3
Tel : 08-38206351

thank you

Hi Moon, We only export at the moment and dont have the capability to make smaller runs. Sorry i could not be of more help!

You also can try this
Printing T shirt: TỪ 55.000 to 85.000 Đ/1pcs
58 A Tn Sơn Nh, Phường Tn Sơn Nh, Quận Tn Ph, TP.HCM
ĐT: (08) 3.9492482 - (08) 3.8121899
Fax: (08) 3.8122989

Email: anvietphat[at] Hotline: 0909 099 118, 0909 800 481

Nice day !

Today I went to this shop... no printing there!

ali2006 :

Try with this clue:
Ms Dung
Add : 246D Pasteur road, ward 8, D.3
Tel : 08-38206351

There's a place on Bui Vein that will put a .jpg, or whatever, on a shirt for 200K.

Are you still around and able to make a few t-shirts?

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