oops!! CouchSurfing does work

Earlier I posted that CouchSurfing is a gimmick but it's actually not. It does work, you do get invitations, 1 in 5 attempts.

Those who don't know about CouchSurfing will not get this post :)


i couldn't post that at couchsurfing !!

that's why i post it here !!

looking for fast answerrrr !!!!!!

i am heading to india in couple of hours!!

my question is should i bring winter clothes ?
also i am going ( dharama ) at the himalaya so please let me know right away if it is cold and i have to bring heavy clothes or not !!


Of course couchsurfing does work!
In fact I have been around more than once this way and met lots of nice people. And I have also met people from parts of the world I have never been to but where I am now planning to go and visit someday.

CS is amazing! I have met so many interesting people! Some of my best friends are people I met on Couchsurfing events...

Plus you should read all the stories related (I have heard a couple of people have published some books about their experience...)

I mean really amazing!

yup, I think I jumped into a judgement :) but still you have to try very hard to get at least one approval

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