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hi sir,

I am getting an offer.the company is shown Nobel group basically a trading company. they are going to start or started a biscuit manufacturing company.Please tell about the company and about luanda.I have a kid what schooling there. you can even mail me pls. ***

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Hi, I have been offered with salary of 1700 USD + accommodation, food & transport is of company expense for chicken processing plant of Fazenda Filomena. I have search for the company but not getting any official website to check further details. The company is sister concern of Fozkudia Group. In Angola

Please suggest, is this a lucrative offer or not?

Hi Muliving

I have a offer for sales executive profile for Luanda and they are offering 45000 INR per month with accomodation+ travel+ medical+ laundry+ visa+airline. But my concern is this much amount (as mentioned above) isnough to live a normal life in luanda.

Plz guide me with you constructive feedback.

Anuj varma

I hope it is not worth coming for such a low pay for RS. 45000 i.e $ 650 . Too low . Trust me ask them an average pay pack of $ 2000 . The pays are good for expats especially Indian expats. 

Atul sankar

Hi Muliving ,
As I see this post is very old hence not sure of relevance considering today's time.

Would appreciate if you can reply or send an email or share your contact so we can further discuss and it will be beneficial for me.


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