American expat living in Brussels!

Any expats living in Brussels? I've been Brussels for one month and looking forward to meeting new friends!

Would love to hear from you all!

Hi TChantel,

I have moved your topic on the Brussels forum for better visibility. :)

i'm weekly in brussel... so maybe we can meet...

Hey Chantel,

I'm not an expat per se (Am a Ugandan born and bred in Belgium) but I enjoy mingling with people from abroad. I work in the heart of the European community.Would love to meet up and talk about your experience here so far.

Hi friends,

I just moved here in Brussels from Miami Beach, FL.
I would love to meet anytime if some are interested, I am currently not working but in the process of looking for a job in the area.

I am perfect bilingual English-French.

Does anyone know whe to celebrate Thanksgiving or who to join to celebrate Thanksgiivng this Thursday?

Thanks guys and much love to you all.

Teena, turkey day is an American (and Canadian) holiday, it's not celebrated here unless you happen to meet up with some expats who feel the need to carry the tradition over. Personally, I'm a vegetarian, and don't think celebrating genocide is a good thing, so, I'm happy to leave the tradition behind.

Ok, I understand. It was more in a spirit of getting together than commemorating slaughtering of ppl and eating animals!

But I do understand.

Have a good evening!

haha yeah, obviously most people don't really think of that aspect :P just, I've felt that way since I was a child, so I quite enjoy being somewhere that it's not celebrated! lol

Teena, sorry I just missed your post! I happily celebrated Turkey Day...

Teena & Audrey: perhaps we can meet up!

I happily celebrate thanksgiving too (turkey is great:))... and very happy to keep the tradition:)

been living in Antwerp but always like to meet new friends... Can meet up for coffee or so this weekend in Brussels?:) (i know of new coffee shops atomium certainly comes to mind in Ixelles:) just love it, what do you say?:)

That sounds great! There are a large number of nice places near Atomium and also in Schuman. Let's pick a date, time and place!

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