Hi everyone,
My name is Phuong Lam
Im now staying and studying in Hochiminh city, on 3/2 street, 10 district.
Now, im a student at university, yeaah, freshman..
I hope to make friend with all of u who are also interested, and now in hochiminh too. How abt share things in this life as good friends ? Vietnamese friends and Foreign friends in Hochiminh and around the world too.
It will be very nice to have someone to talk english to me, i wanna improve speaking and listening skills. And if there is someone willing, thats so great.

hi,i add your id to messenger,add you and speak,ok ?

Hi Phuong Lam,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

Thank you for this introduction.


@reinhart- maybe you could give us an introduction?
(Just to remind that this is not a dating website).

Thank you

Hi phuong lan

wellcome to expat, what are you study ? I see your english is good

where is your home-town ?

My name is Lam, not Lan
now im freshman at Finance anf Marketing University. Have u ever heard abt it?
Haizz do u know? My english seems okey only when i text. But speaking and listeningi have to to improve more. U understand? When u talk to a foreigner, u use ur mouth to speak and ur ears to listen. Not much ur hand to write down

yes i understand, maybe we have the same trouble, I want improve my speaking-english as well.
where are you from ? I graduated from university 2 years ago

My home town is in Binh Duong, and  at every weekend, i try to come home. Now im studying in ho chi minh, so im staying here, in my grandma's house. And this gives me chances to meet people on this expat in person :d. .. I like it so much. I can have more friends

hello Lam, i studied in Valuation at Finance anf Marketing University ;) graduated 1 year ago :D as u say, it will be nice t have friends here and u can improve english also ;)

Aha!!! My senior... Nice to meet u.

Hi Lam, maybe I will have to call you junior coz' also I have been  graduated from Marketing & Finance University (around 2 years, I guess so ^^) I majored in Business English. But anyway I'm so glad to meet you:)

Im very glad to meet seniors here. Hi u all !!!!
My major is somewhat International Business (i dont know exactly what its called in English) :D
I have just finished The Army Course, in Go Vap stadium. oohhh, we had to study in the sun, and the sunbeam is very strong in the afternoon. Maybe all seniors had to spend what i have just done. God Bless, all ended
Nice day to everyone!!!!
Next week, freshman will meet seniors. What a pity! two seniors here are all graduated.

Hey girl,

What you have experienced is exactly what I met some years ago and u know? I really hate the Army Course T__T However, what is wrong will go wrong. We have to step over all of them before go into the life and find out the way to "the world of adults" (I call it that:D). Therefore, just enjoy it and believe that "we're young and we can conquer the World".

Luv u, junior:*

Hey Lam, where do you live in Binh Duong? You are right - there are not too many foreigners in BD. My company opened a branch here and I came across the same problem when I moved here from America. I live here M-F and have an apartment in D1 on the weekends to relax and meet new people

The way to become adult is so difficult, huh?.. Maybe its right. Anyway, we should experience all the tastes of life, oh yeah !!
@Jvol18: hi, it means now u are living in Hochiminh city ? i come back home in Binh An village, Di An town, Binh Duong province. I guess ur branch is in Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong ? I dont often go to Thu Dau Mot much, so i also dont know much there though i have lived BD since i was infant :D . however, my ID is in Hochiminh. My grandma is in HCM, so i have gone to there many times, and as u know, im staying and studying there.

Hi Lam,

My name is sham from malaysia. Will be going to hcmc this weekend. Thought og goinh around the city on 27 nov, will you be free to help me out. Btw, i'll be staying at district 1.


Hi, I am coming to live in Vietnam next month
I am looking for information on teaching and living there if you can chat with me?


Hi, I am coming to live in Vietnam next month
I am looking for information on teaching and living there if you can chat with me?

Best to look at the date stamp on posts. You replied to an 8 year old post, I doubt very much you will get a reply from the OP.

ok , thanks

Interesting to note your passion. Currently, I am in not in Hcmc, but used to handle English classes.
I used to observe that the lack of vocabulary is the main issue with Vietnamese students. Most of them intelligent. But try to pronounce English with musical tone like Vietnamese language.
I remember, teaching at University itself found to be very challenging. Basically most of lack listening skill. First focus on that. Then start speaking. You will succeed. All the best.
Need any on line support do feel to contact me. Stanley....****

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  My name is Miller and I really want to make friends here also

Hi Miller!

Where are you from?

Am Ghana but now living in Philippines as a soccer coach

And are you in HCMC?

Am in Philippines now trying to move there

I will be in HCMC until April.

If you came here before, we can meet and speak something (with my horrible English).


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