What US companies will hire US citizens to work as a expat in europe?

I am just starting my job search. I am a US citizen trying to find a accounting job in Europe working for a US company so that I don't have to deal with the hassle of a work permit.

Any help on how to get started and where to look would be greatly appreciated. Also, what are some good companies to work for that help provide housing, support, etc?

Please feel free to email me at generationx2000[at]hotmail.com.


I've started the same search, though in a different field.  I was looking through the Career section at Borders last night and came across a book called "So You Want to Move to Europe."  Appropriate title, so I ended up buying it.  It's filled with addresses, companies, organizations, etc and worth at least a looking-at in the book store.

Find list of US companies from the directoris of the local trade office, or the consulate where you plan to move, and from then apply for your job. Serious suggestion: have a job arranged BEFORE you move to Europe.

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