Expat to Pau around Sept 2012 w/8 y.o.daughter. Hello!

Hi! I'm Lola, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and my husband is most probably getting expat to Pau sometime near September 2012. We have a -by now- 7 and a half y.o. daughter and I'm very concerned about primary school in Pau.  Any suggestions? Private? Public? We are supposed to be back in Argentina in 2016. By then my daughter would have finished primary school here (ranging from 1st grade to 7th grade) so I'm completely lost as to what would the best choice be. I'd love to hear some thoughts if anyone is already living there and has kids attending primary school. Thank youuuu!!! :D  PS: Native language: Spanish but will be doing our best to learn as much French as possible before Sept.2012. My daughter speaks Spanish and some basic English. I'm hoping she'd learn quite enough French so as to interact with her peers upon arrival but not sure if it would be enough to attend a school in Pau and not feel she doesn't fit. Thanks!! :D

Hi Lola and welcome to Expat.com!

Going through the different discussions of the forum will be a good start.;)


Hey, Harmonie! Thank you!! I'm currently on that, lol!

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