Why do the advertisers never reply either by email or by sms?

Well, I am not sure if and when do I qualify as an Ex-pat but in any case, I am an Indian living in UK for the last 30 odd years - originally from New Delhi but now settled in UK. So, I suppose I could qualify as an Ex-pat.

Well, I am planning to come to New Delhi and stay there for two to three months and am not that keen to stay in a hotel. One must have guessed by now the obvious reason - the cost! I also do not wish to stay at any of my relatives’ house because it causes them undue and unnecessary inconvenience. Most of all I wish to retain my independence. While stationed at New Delhi, I wish to visit some other cities such as Mumbai and Kolkata to go and meet some of my long lost friends and relatives.

Now, for the last two to three weeks, I have been trawling through the internet and came across this website. Whippy, I thought. This would be a good site to explore and look for a studio or one BR apartment to rent.  Found a few advertisements and decided to send text messages as well as emails but to my surprise no one bothered to answer. Decided to phone instead and asked why did they not respond? Well, received sincere apologies from so called vendors and advertisers on this site (I do not wish to publish their names here), and got verbal assurance that they would get back to me with full details, such as terms and condition, and methods of payments etc.  You may find it amusing but I have not received any response to date from anyone. I do not mind if they do not wish to offer me an accommodation but an acknowledgement to that effect wouldn’t go amiss. Don’t you think? It seems that the people offering an accomodation
It is sad to say that etiquettes seem to have disappeared from the people of India.  Needless to say, that they are “my” people. One can blame me for becoming an anglicized Indian, having lived in UK for 30 odd years, but I am sure when I lived in India it was considered courteous to respond. Probably times have changed and I haven’t.

Incidentally, I have experienced the same thing on the other sites too.

Now, is there anyone interested in offering me a fully furnished studio or 1 BR apartment for two to three months in New Delhi? I would be grateful to receive a response – any kind of response, really!!


I find your comments rather strange as i have been here for the past 2 years and the service i have received from vendors in property markets has been excellent..not sure who you are getting in contact with..and whether they are even real property dealers as such..

you should try the classifieds in Times of India..and surely just typing apartments for rent in Delhi on google will give you plenty of help..

i think you need to first decide what area you would like to live in Delhi..from there you can narrow it down and get property agents who specialize in your chosen location.

Hi UK_Indian,

Welcome to Expat.com!

I would suggest you to have a look at the New Delhi classifieds > accommodation section and post an advert there.

It might help you to find an accommodation.

I wish you good luck in your search.

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