Moving to Vancouver - Introducing myself

Hi all,

I am Gaurav Kumar Raghav.
I have an offer from big software firm in canada.
My location would be vancouver.

I am 28 years old, married and have a 5 months old baby daughter.
My wife is an housewife.
I might move to vancouver by December 2011 or Jan 2012.

I would like to know what are the average monthly expenses?
I might get an offer of 90,000 C$.
Can i do some saving with the salary in Vancouver?
I hear it is very expensive.

Also initially i might come on Work permit and later change to PR.
Is it the right way to go?

Thanks and Regards
Gaurav Kumar Raghav

Hi Gaurav Kumar Raghav!

Welcome to and thanks for this introduction ;)


Hi Gaurav Kumar Raghav,

Vancouver is a wonderful diverse city to live in. However with a family i would suggest Kitslano or the Suburbs like whiterock or even Coquitlam. It very expensive to live and you must not forget health insurance(Unless your company is willing to pay for it) But it cheap to go out and enjoy Canada.

If it is finacially posible i would highly recomend at the very least 1 visit to Vancouver before making the move. A very cost effective way to rent somewhere is a holiday rentals condo direct from the owners in maybe Yaletown or somewhere around that area as its safe and nice to visit.

Good Luck and i sincerly hope everything works out.

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