Trying to manufacture a move to Beijing...

Evening all,

Having spent an amazing few months in Beijing a few years back (studying not working) I'm desperately wanting to move back there for longer. I can't explain to most people why I love it so much but I'm sure you all know where I'm coming from :)

I thought about going over to teach English in 2008 and backed out thinking it would leave me with very few career options if and when I decide to settle down. In the meantime I've become a chartered accountant - it's a global profession so I've got my fingers crossed I can somehow slip into a job in Beijing using my accountancy qualification or similar.

I don't speak fluent Chinese (intermediate only) so I know full well it's not gonna be easy. I do know that many major firms have a presence there and perhaps any small startup companies with foreign investors have a need for foreigners in the finance dept?

Basically, I'd like to know if anyone has any tips, or knows of people who have somehow landed themselves decent jobs in Beijing and so forth. Any info at all is appreciated. Thanks all!

Hi moloour and welcome to! Thanks for sharing this with us.:D

I may suggest you to take a look at this link > … egies.html, it may be very helpful to you.

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