How do I navigate healthcare?

Does anyone have recommendations for the following services and doctors? (Just covering my bases) 

Alternative Medicines/Treatments
General practitioner
Physical Therapy

How does one go about establishing medical care?  a regular doctor?  Emergency care (hopefully never needed)? Prescription and non-prescription medications?  Costs?  Hospitals in Essaouira?

I do not have insurance.

I have so many questions about so many things.  I just don't want to arrive and be an "ignorant
american".  I want to put my best foot forward.

Thank you so very much.
Respectfully, emmyht

You better get an insurance because the public system is not so good (particuliarly the emergencies service in the public hospitals...).

The medical system is far from being as expensive as in the US, but money is the key here as well. You may be asked to pay in advance for any medical act. From a moroccan point of view, medical services are expensive based on the average income...

How does one go about getting health insurance that is accepted in Morocco?  US Health insurance is expensive.  I'm healthy.  But I sure do appreciate the advance information.  Thank you!

All the main insurance companies are accepted in Morocco. The question would rather be to know whether your company will give you a proper coverage for your stay in Morocco...

To find one, you can check out some specialized websites that help finding such insurance for expatriates. Check out the web, you'll find easily ;) If you don't, send me a private message and I'll give you some pieces of informations ;)

thank you very much.  i do not have insurance at the moment.  I will try to send you a private message.

I answered to it ;

I will be getting my insurance from the following folks.  It has been recommended by other international English teachers, is affordable and is in effect for a full year.  Most plans I am aware of are a pay first, file claim deal. - Travel/Medical insurance

Travelers Insurance is always a good idea, but you can do fine with just cash if you are going to spend a long period of time here. Health care is not generally expensive here in Morocco, but you will need a prescription to get medications refilled. You may have to change some medication brands because not all the ones we are used to getting easily are available in Morocco. For Example: Tylenol and Rolaids are not sold here. If you are looking for herbal therapy, you can find many things you are familiar with at spice shops and perfume shops that are used for various ancient natural remedies. Many doctors here regularly use eastern medicine and herbal treatments here for the locals rather than expensive western medications, so if this is what you prefer, you just need to say so.   

I am in Marrakech, not Essaouira but I can assure you finding a doctor is not hard if you speak a little French or can have someone translate for you. I know Essaouira is a rather small city, so I suggest you go to a nearby larger city like Casablanca or Marrakech  for regular medical care when ever possible and any testing you may need will have to be done at a separate laboratory, most doctors don't do testing in office. The Consulate General can give you a list of English speaking doctors and medical facilities if you are having trouble finding what you want. You can contact the Consulate General via the Internet. It is good to register that you are in Morocco with them anyway.

If you need emergency care the local hospitals are not terrible, but they are certainly a little out of date (expect something from 1950) but most will give you preferential treatment if you have your blue American passport with you, but I suggest you keep a stash of 400 or 500 dirham tucked inside your wallet just in case. Some doctors working in public hospitals still will not touch a patient even if he is dieing right in front of his eyes if he believes he cannot pay for his treatment. Food, blankets, and Medication (even pain medication) aren't routinely given in hospitals, so if you are in pain, you will need to have someone go to a pharmacy outside of the hospital and buy your prescription for you, or you will just have to suffer until you can do it yourself. If you are here alone, this is where the Consulate General can be of great help, so I suggest you keep their number handy or even clip it inside your passport. 

I hope you enjoy your say in Morocco. Essaouira is a great artist's community and if you get the chance to visit Marrakech I think you will fine it is here too.

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