Looking for accommodation

Hi folks!

I am Karan living in Germany for the last 2 years. Recently, i am offered a job in New Delhi, India which i am very interested to join in.

I am looking for a decent accommodation, maybe a shared flat or single room apartment anywhere between 10k-15k INR. If anyone of you have an availability in the vicinity of Lajpat nagar metro station kindly get back to me through email.

I love to travel and have a huge interest in photography. I have been living with 2 German flat mates and traveled a lot in Europe. Anyone who is interested to take me as his/her flatmate would be just great to live with. I need place for a long term stay.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks a lot

Karan Chouksey

Hello and welcome on board Karan !

I would suggest you to post an advert in the accommodation section of New Delhi classifieds!
It might be helpful ;)


Hi Karan,

I would suggest you to visit some of the sites where they offer accomodation. LIke check Craigslist.org and expatriates.com. Cheers

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