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My name is Josefine Pedersen, I recently moved to HCMC from Denmark.
I am looking for an Orphanage in Ho Chi Ming city that I can volunteer at. I have tried finding one for a few weeks now but with know luck I hope there is some one who can help me.

Velkommen til Vietnam. Hper at du trives her.:)

Very nice of you to think of helping out.
Found this link which has what you are looking for. It is in Vietnamese, but it should be self-explanatory. I don't have experience in any of them.

Hi Josie..here's the link to the volunteer site in Vietnam.
Look for Kim Nguyen..(hope this help ya) I can also send in your Pm box her personal email add..

Hi there.Expats are most welcome to share their time and effort to children under the care of the St Paul Sisters of Chartres in Binh Thanh District, about 20 minutes bus ride from the city centre.Its called Phu My Orphanage.Address is 153 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street Binh Thanh District.Their are 2 or three buildings sharing the address.Get into the building with black gate facing the petrol station.Contact Person is Sister Mary Hanh.She speaks English, Vietnamese and French.The staff speaks Vietnamese.The best time to visit is from 8:30-10am and 3:00-4:30pm.
Thank you for sharing yourself to others.

Be Tho orphanage in Binh Duong (HCMC's suburb) is in need for ESL teacher and website editor for English language. Since this orphanage is less central located, it has received less attention. If you are interested in this work, I can give you sister Vinh's contact. I am working for Rose Vietnam (NGO).  We do have regular fund for Be Tho.

Hey there.
You should have a look at 2 website below:

International Volunteer Club

East meet West Foundation

Good luck

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Josie90 wrote:


My name is Josefine Pedersen, I recently moved to HCMC from Denmark.
I am looking for an Orphanage in Ho Chi Ming city that I can volunteer at. I have tried finding one for a few weeks now but with know luck I hope there is some one who can help me.

hi check tis web

Hiya JOsefine! I owe you to provide this email add: [email protected]  (She is really a nice lass) so you can ask anything about volunteering. Have fun!

i am the people who can give you a specific address of some ophanage in Hochiminh City.

if you are still in Hochiminh City, please contact with me
Mr Hau.

Hi,  U  can  check  long  Hoa  Orphanage at,  1250/41 Huynh Tan Phat, P. Phu My, Q7, HCM.   Tel,  08 37851881,  0903716512.  It  is  near  to  Phu My Huong, Saigon South Area, this  place has  got around 60 childrens run by Buddhist monks

you can check this web: http://www.vpv.vn/index.php?module=b_gallery&id=112
it is the volunteer for peace vietnam club.

I am coming to Vietnam in November and I am in the process of setting up some fundraisers. I am Vietnamese but have been living in Canada for the last 34 years. I am coming home to volunteer at orphanges and help out family.
If you can send me some info about the orphanage and the (ngo) it would definitely help me more in the efforts of gaining more donations and exposure.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi ,

   You can contact to List Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh city here:

1. Trung tm nui dưỡng bảo trợ trẻ em G Vấp.
Add: 45 Nguyễn Văn Bảo, phường 4, G Vấp. TP. HCM
Tel : 08 8941880

2. Trường mi ấm B Chiểu:
Add : 149/1 Nguyễn Văn Đậu - Phường 11 - Quận Bnh Thạnh. TP. HCM.
Tel : 08 5.150.556

3. Trường nui dạy trẻ khuyết tật Củ Chi.
Add : Khu phố 3 - Thị Trấn Củ Chi, TP. HCM
Tel: 08 7.907454

4.Trường nui dưỡng bảo vệ trẻ em Tam Bnh
Add : 30/3 B Giang - Phường Linh Xun - Thủ Đức, TP. Hồ Ch Minh
Tel : 087 241445

5. Trung Tm ND & BT trẻ em Khuyết Tật Thin Phước.
Add : Ấp lộ 6 - X Nhơn Ty - Củ Chi, TP. HCM
Tel : 8.926.368

6. Trường khuyết tật Cần Giờ
Ấp Phong Thạnh - X Cần Thạnh - Huyện Cần Giờ, TP. HCM
Tel : 8.740.071

7. Trường tiểu học dnh cho trẻ em tn tật 15/5
Add : 275/6/7 L Thường Kiệt - Phường 15 - Quận 11, Tp. HCM
Tel : 08 8.638.254

8. Trung tm bảo trợ x hội trẻ em thiệt thi (Christina Noble Childrens Foundation)
Add : 38 T Xương, phường 7, quận 3. TP. HCM
Tel : 08 9322738

9. Trường khuyết tật thnh gic Hy Vọng:
Add : Số 1 Cng X Pari, Phường Bến Ngh, Quận 1, TP. HCM.
Tel : 0808222288. Email: [email protected]

10. Mi ấm Quận 8.
Add : 73/10 Dương B Trạc, phường 1, quận 8, TP. HCM
Tel : 08 8502 088

another orphanage address: Mai am Ga Sai Gon at 16/99 Kỳ Đồng, District 3. I am organizing an event to collect the used things and other things to donate for this Orphanage in this month. So contact to me if you are interested in joining us. I think you would like the kids there:)

Thank  you very much, I will kep these ones in mind and see what I can raise for them....

While the people on this thread and others seeking to volunteer or contribute financially to orphanages are certainly well meaning I would encourage all of you to do your research really well and make sure you know a lot about the organization you will be supporting. How it is protecting children who call it's facility home from potential abuse (for example in the United States and other western countries volunteers are not usually allowed to visit orphanages and have access to the children who call them home without passing a screening process that would generally include criminal background checks etc.) and where it's money is going?

Ask yourself if what you will be doing will really improve the quality of life for these children...at the very least google the term "orphanage tourism" and make sure you are well apprised of the complicated issues involving this trend. There have been recent studies for example that show that in Cambodia the rise in popularity of orphanage tourism has resulted in new orphanages popping up everywhere and significant increases in the number of children living inside their walls even as the number of actual orphans has declined (according to UNICEF among the roughly 12,000 children living in orphanages in Cambodia only about 28% have lost both parents, in many cases the decision to send their children to orphanages is made by parents living in extreme poverty who believe they will have access to better food, shelter and education...the question is whether the needs of these impoverished people are really best served by orphanages as opposed say to anti-poverty programs which would ideally help keep these families together rather than tearing them apart).

Below is a brief list of suggested orphanage tourism Do's and Don'ts from loneleyplanet. UNICEF has some good information about orphanage tourism and the thinkchildsafeDOTorg website which discusses these issues may be worth a look as well.

Dos and donts of orphanage tourism
Do think about volunteering for a minimum of a month or longer rather than a short-term stay.
Do think hard about what skills you have that will make a difference to the children; teaching them to sing nursery rhymes in English is not going to do much for their future.
Do work with the local staff rather than directly with the children. Teach the local staff how to speak English and you have created a sustainable impact. You may not have photos of you hugging cute little children, but you will have done some good.
Dont under any circumstances visit orphanages as part of a brief tour or go to any that actively solicit tourists.
Dont hand over large fees for a placement without checking where the money goes.
Dont volunteer at any orphanage without thoroughly researching it. Is it regulated? Do they require background checks on volunteers?

Thank you for posting this, I agree with you that are rules and regulations for volunteering at orphanages as a tourist. I am a child of the system myself in Canada, I have been through the shelters, group homes and temp. homes and foster care. I have lived through this, this is why I am coming home to use my experience to help the ones there.
When I was there last year, my friends in Vietnam took me to 4 orphanages that were frequented by the locals and those are the ones that I want to help.  If you know of certain places that I should avoid, please post so people know and will help the ones that need it most.


We are going every few Months to one Orphanage in HCM to bring Food or Toys for the Kids, if you want we can go the next time together and I introduce you to the Ladies over there. We also have a vietnamese Friend who could translate.
But I think it would be a bit difficult to volunteer without speaking vietnamese ;) But let me know what you think. I guess at the end of the Month we will go there.

Bye Steph

Thank you for the offer.....I agree with you, it is definitely difficult not being able to speak Vietnamese. When I went last time, my friends from HCMC took me. That is great that you go every so often....I will definitely contact you when I  am in HCMC.....

Hi Josie,

If you give me your email address I can pass it on to a friend of mine who runs the ILA Charity Network. ILA is one of the English language schools in the city. She'll have tons of information because ILA works with several orphanages in HCMC.

Best of luck!

Hello I am a nurse who is visiting Vietnam 12.2.14 for aprox 16 days my husband works off shore from vung tau I am an English graduate also I would like to visit an orphanage in future to work there. I speak fluent French and some Arabic I am English and I am a graduate nurse also could you organise a morning or afternoon session to visit an orphanage I am CRB checked in the uk
Yours sincerely lyn newton
RGN BSc (HOns)  (HOns) BA (Arts)

Try the Christina Noble Foundation


This is a wonderful organisation I have visited on many occasions now.
Unlike some orphanages, they are very open and welcoming and will always be happy to discuss volunteering offers.
I am happy to provide more info if required.


or just google "vung tau orphanage"

Hi!  I would also love to work as a volunteer in an orphange in my spare time...  I haven't checked some info shared here, probably later.  Thanks!


I just encountered this website were you could see a list of all orphanages and social establishment in a certain country. You may also contact the orphanage via their website. This could make it easier for you to see the orphanages in Vietnam and each org has their own profile too see all their information. Hope this helps.

Heres the link. (https://www.globedrop.org/?cid=t3inv06d)


I stay in near Tanh Dinh market near District 1 hospital, I am looking for orphanage to donate some house items near by house. If you can give me address or phone no then I will carry my material & donate them.


Dont.  I tried for years.  They are all a scam.  They most likely want you to pay to help.  The directors use the kids to get rich.  My advice is to find a local child in need and sponsor them.  As on pay for decent clothes.  Education amd teach them english.  Orphanages are even known for selling children..

The orphanage in Dong Nai is a good place to donate time and money. It is run by a nun who is not only kind but very compassionate. It is about 20 minutes from Big C supermarket. If you want to do a charity thing in HCM, this is a good place to start.

If you have the phone number and address please post it

Here is the information to Chua Dieu Phap.
Phone 0613967944
email: [email protected]
Hom Thu 11 - Buu Dien Ho Nai3 - Trang Bom = Dong Nai

Best time is to reach there about 10 or 11. Weekend will be some visitors from local people. When I was there last the nun offer us vegetarian lunch. God Bless and take care.

try these people, they are quiet strict as to who they accept though https://www.cncf.org/vietnam.html    also recomend reading her book, bridge across my sorrows.

How are you
I am come to hcmc many times to teach English
Would love to make new friends
i would love to work in a orphanage
did you get any luck


Can you share the name address and contact person. We are looking to make a donation of new footwear for the children.

Nadine we are interested in getting in contact with the ila people if they have some contacts with orphanages.

Also, how does ila rank as far as English schools?

Do you have an address and contact info for the nun?

try these guys district 3 http://www.cncf.org/

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