Maybe returning to Baden area with family!?

Hi, my Austrian husband and I and our two boys, 13 and 9 are seriously looking into a possible move back to the Baden area of Austria. The main reasons for this being:  excellent health care, work/life balance, weather and family, of course.  However, despite this I'm very apprehensive about the move for many reasons but mainly any possible homesickness for the UK.  I get on very well with my husbands family but miss my own desparately.  Also, my parents are not really well enough to travel so I will rarely see them and will worry about their wellbeing. Having moved back and forth over the years a couple of times, this would have to be the last time. This leaves me very torn as I must put my own children's wellbeing at the forefront of any decision. It would be great to hear from any other families who have maybe faced similar situations.:rolleyes:

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