French in Helsinki meeting?


Sorry to write this in English, but my French is not so great yet...

I´m writing this on behalf my girlfriend Elena, who is visiting Helsinki this from now to Friday next week. We are planning for her to move to Helsinki with me in upcoming months, and I´m helping her fit in in every way I can of course. She would love to hear experiences of French people living here.

Elena is 26 years old and from Paris, and areas of interest are traveling, world cultures, music (plays guitar and piano), movies (europe/arthouse), and especially photography.

She will be in Helsinki until 9. of September. Would somebody be interested on a meet up next week, Wednesday 7th or Thursday 8th, just to hang out in a cafe/bar and talk about your experiences here? The more the merrier! If you have some kind of weekly/monthly meet up organized already for people in this forum I would love to hear more about it too.

Looking forward hearing from you guys,


Hi Matti,

maybe you should post on the english speaking version of the forum ?

All the best,


Thanks, a good idea :)

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