Bean Bags in Nairobi

Does anyone know where to source bean bags in Kenya??
Or more specifically, the polystyrene fillings that go inside??



Did you ever get an answer to this?



The Fabric Gallery @ Village Market makes bean bags covered in kikoy fabrics and Kenya Kanga makes them covered in kanga fabric. Price is around 7-8000KS. Kenya Kanga may sell you just the filling...
I think they told me that costs them around 4500.
Good luck.

Know where i could buy a bean bag chair?

Good morning,
Here is the 3 contacts I keep them while i was searching, but I didn't buy any thing because was expensive for me at that time.

Victoria +2547963*****
Dont Remeber name , +2547027*****
Alex +2547121*****

Good luck and have a nice day.

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