Questions, questions, questions

Hello, we are planning to move to Malta, I have some questions.
I would like to ask if if is possible to rent nice flat 2 bedrooms in St. Julians or Sliema for less than 450eur?
I would like to ask about school for our 7 years old son - is there possibility to learn in English in state school?
Is it possible to live in Malta when you earn (both together me and my partner) 1800eur net?
I will think about more questions..
Thanks for your time

Hi Linda,

welcome to our forum.

You should get along with 450 € but it might be difficult to get a decent place for much less.

All Maltese kids learn English at state schools. What languages does your son speak ? Slovak? I would guess that by the time the kids enter school here they speak Maltese and English. BUt kids catch up fast at that age.

1800 € sounds ok to live on in Malta. But if you are both working fulltime to earn that amount there is a certain risk in my opinion and you won't be able to make big jumps here.Net is after all taxes and Social Insurance contributions? If your jobs are safe that should be ok.


putting "Questions, questions, questions" as your subject will limit the answers you get

Hello, my son is now speaking Slovak, he is learning English at school and IŽm trying to learn him at home as much as possible. I see his language problem as the smallest one :) , as heŽs child and they are learning quickly. We donŽt have job yet, so that was just my suggest that we could earn 1800 after taxes. Why if our job is safe? Is there something specific what we should be aware when finding a job? I am in contact with some Slovak people who are already living in Malta, so IŽm trying to get as much information, so we wonŽt be very surprised, when something will meet us in Malta. I think that our moving to Malta will be at the end of this year, because of selling our house, and arranging all the things in Slovakia, so we can leave with the feeling that everything was done and we can move on.. IŽm now trying to make researches from all the sources. Thanks a lot. Linda

jeeeej, another Slovaks coming, nice! :D

I just recommend you to check the website . There is no Embassy of Slovakia directly in Malta, but we have quite active Honorary Consul who organises some meetings, ect. The honorary consulate is basically made for promotion of Slovakia but also to be a help for Slovak citizens, so maybe it will be useful to check it out once. I am sure you can get in touch with another Slovaks as well.

btw. if you have facebook, there is also a strong group "Češi a Slováci na Malte, Czechs and Slovaks in Malta", I am sure you can get some advice directly there.

A inak ani neviem prečo píšem s rodákmi v Angličtine :D Nech sa darí!


Hi Linda,

I was just speaking in general about the income situation. What jobs will you be looking for? If two earn 1800 € net then one is earning 900 € net and that is quite a bit less than the average Maltese income.

If you have good qualifications in the areas that Expats find work then you should be able to earn more but it is not always easy to find well paid jobs.

When are you planning the move to Malta?


georgeingozo wrote:

putting "Questions, questions, questions" as your subject will limit the answers you get

It is however, very honest..... I did know what to expect.  hehe

I have experiences from a lot of works - I worked as secretary, customer service manager, key account manager, waitress, but I donŽt know how to prove my experiences in Malta, I have just confiramtion that I was working in company, should I ask for some recomendation or something like that? I have ben working in UK for a year as an au-pair, I speak fluently English. My partner is not speaking in English at all, IŽm trying to learn him, so he will know something when we will come to Malta. S I would like to work as some administrative/secretary/assistant if it would be possible and I think that my partner should work in the beginning until he learns English some helping work - in the kitchen or something like that. I would be able to come today to Malta if it would be up to me :).. But we have still a lot of things to arrange.. so I think that our coming to Malta will be the end of this year, early beginning of 2012.
Borka, teším sa, že som neni jediná Slovenka :), na facebooku už som našla tú skupinu, čo si písala, ďakujem. Kde žiješ na Malte?

Hello I have one weird question. What about tatoots in Malta? Do they have them people there? Is it prohibited to have at work showing tatoo? Do you have to hide it when you are working? Thanks, Have a nice day

Yes usually you do have to hide them, unless you work in a tattoo shop hehe. Or own your business I suppose. But in a business environment they are still not accepted.

Thanks very much for answer.. I thought so.. :)

Hi Linda,

teach your partner English as fast as you can. It could prove difficult to find work without, especially if you want some kind of decent salary.