Noisy Parrot

Wife and I recently coughed up THB 10 mio for our retirement home in a gated community here in korat. Not long after the neighbour about four houses down bought a parrot then another. He already has a little snappy dog that yaps and yaps all day but the parrots sqwak late into the night and early in the morning. The owner (Thai) is z miserable swine and ignores approaches by the residents to train his parrots not to sqwak.

What can we legally do to stop this constant interruption of our sleep. I realise as a farang I cannot legally own a gun.....




I agree. As unsatisfying as this sounds, move. I live in Loei and was told was a quiet place to retire to. However, between the misc festivals, "house warming" parties, etc it is becoming difficult to look forward to a good night's sleep. For some reason the Thai's like VERY LOUD base that can be heard for miles until 2 in the morning. I'm not exaggerating the "miles" part.  Even my Thai neighbors are irritated by it but there is nothing that can legally be done about it. We are looking for a quieter place to move to.

@rzugnoni I understand the noise level everywhere in Thailand is very difficult to live with. The traffic noise,  ambulances screaming all day all night. sometimes no one is even in them. Loud speakers on the back of trucks driving around,  music being played so loud you can hear it for blocks away. And there is nothing you can really do about it. I use ear plugs alot and noise canceling head phones. We have a place in the city and one at the beach in Cha Am it is so much quieter down there. we can hear the waves at night & we don't have to use air conditioning so less noise there too.  I feel for you.  Living in a condo is usually better, you can complain to the manager if you have problems.  Good Luck with your move.    Patrick

I think you missed the: "I just spent THB 10mio on a new house" bit

Decide how far you are willing to go get him to understand, then hire a thai guy to fix it..

10 mio house sounds like you want to stay and do what it takes.

Good luck.


Hi, we live in a Village called "Ban Phai San" just off Route 24, which is situated on the borders of Buriram & Surin Provinces, between the Towns of Prakhon Chai & Prasat, We are fortunate with noise, yeah sure we do get the odd party, but most of the time it's peaceful, if we want to go out it's only about 12 to 15 Kilometers up or down the 24 to either town and they are both reasonably quiet. If you want a good night out then you go to either of the cities, Buriram or Surin which are both around 40 kilometers away, as with most of Thailand the Locals are all friendly around here.

    I think you missed the: "I just spent THB 10mio on a new house" bit


Your right. Stupid of me to say that without paying attention to what was written. Sorry. For myself I'm thinking of taking extreme measures to soundproof at least my bedroom so that I won't be bothered. I think that I can do that in my existing house. You may not have that option with your house. I am thinking of double walling and adding a second set of windows to my bedroom. That is supposedly a good option for low frequency noises. Parrots are mid to high frequencies so it might be easier. In the mean time I'm looking for some good ANC earbuds that I can sleep with along with a white noise app.


Download this (Link, YouTube), and play it on max volume out through an open window, on infinite loop, whenever you go out.

I'm betting that within a very short time your neighbour will have two very stressed, sick parrots on his hands. Might even wind up like this. (Link, YouTube)

Good luck.