Public transportation in Tirana

Hi all,

What do you think about the means of transportation in Tirana ?

Is the network of means of transportation well developed?
What modes of transport are available?

Do you use them?

How much is a fare?

Are they relatively safe?

What is the mean of transportation you use the most in Tirana?

Thanks in advance for participating!

There are lots of city buses and although I do not need to go many places, they seem to be effective and reliable.  It seems the bus fare (even in other cities) is 30 leke and they then give you a slip of paper which is your ticket.  I don't think you can go from one bus to another with only one ticket but instead you have to pay each time you get on a bus - but really this is such a small price to pay!  It seems that about every 10 minutes or so a bus comes along and some buses are more plentiful than others.
If you want to visit one of the many shopping centers, there are buses that will take/return you for no cost - those usually don't run all that often but about once every half hour. TEG is the preferred shopping center by most Albanians it seems but City Park is bigger.  To get to both places, the buses pick you up in the center (near skanderbeg square) TEG: the parking lot behind the mosque in the center and City Park is around the corner from the Tirana International Hotel.

hi annapecorina13,

Thank you for this information. :)

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