Public transportation in Dhaka

Hi all,

What do you think about the means of transportation in Dhaka ?

Is the network of means of transportation well developed?
What modes of transport are available?

Do you use them?

How much is a fare?

Are they relatively safe?

What is the mean of transportation you use the most in Dhaka?

Thanks in advance for participating!

Hey there.
My girlfriend is since 2 years here in dhaka and i have learned the following fares:

Rickshaw within a district not more then 50 taka, if it's more than 3 km maybe 60-70 taka.

CNG: For example Banani Bazar - Sadarghat river port max 400 taka. 1 day tour with a cng driver would be around 1000-1500 taka

Short distance with Rickshaws around 10 taka for under 1 km but depends on the district.
This is my experience in Banani.

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Thank you for sharing this information schmidi83, :top:

Shaazia Team

Buses run routes on the main roads, but are often horribly crowded and noisy, signed only in Bengali and aren't likely to be of much use to travelers. But there are some buses which only take passengers if seats are available (at least in theory, but compared to the other buses they are usually not very crowded) and you have to buy a ticket at one of the bus counters in advance. During the rush hour, it can be difficult to get a seat and maybe you will have to wait in line with the other passengers. But taking the bus is cheap and once you found out which bus you have to take and where you have to get off, it is possible without speaking any Bengali. But going by bus takes usually more time than going by CNG and buses are also frequently involved in collisions. Save yourself a headache and take a rickshaw or CNG, or for long distances, a comfortable, air-conditioned bus or train. For more info on buses in Bangladesh, see the Get in section.

Thank you for sharing this information with us, JensenDrake2. :top:

Shaazia Team

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the info!

Apart from the queries that were resolved above, could anyone kindly assist me in understanding the procedure for hiring a car for long term - may be 6-7 months???

I have been getting quotations around BDT 40-50k per month for a car, excluding driver salary and CNG cost  - is this the usual rent for a Sedan (Toyota Premio) here in Dhaka?

Any feedback on this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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