Public transportation in Paris

Hi all,

What do you think about the means of transportation in Paris ?

Is the network of means of transportation well developed?
What modes of transport are available?

Do you use them?

How much is a fare?

Are they relatively safe?

What is the mean of transportation you use the most in Paris?

Thanks in advance for participating!

Theres the metro, runs pretty well, 1€80 (I think) a ticket unless you buy a book of 10 for 12€50.
I use it daily on the way to work

I use the Velibs (Paris bicycle network) to get home. You can buy day/week tickets for these but I paid 30€ for a years subscription.
The bikes are free for 30 minutes and they charge per half hour after. but theres so many docks around, you can park up and get another one out so it stays free.

The metro is safe enough, hear of pickpockets and muggings but never seen it happen. The only crimes I see on there is ticket 'avoidance'.

The velibs are sturdy bikes but you have to be on your toes around the Parisian traffic

Hope this helps you somewhat


The public transportation here are great. The metro is really easy to use and so is the RER. I haven't tried the bus or Velibs but they're easily accessible in the city.

I use the metro the most and I is pretty safe during the day and also at night, as a woman I don't feel scared that something is going to happen to me but its always good to be cautious of your surroundings. I usually buy the carnet (book of 10 tickets) which costs 12,50€ (12.50).


Thanks for these useful tips.;)


What about public transportation if I arrive at CDG airport at night (above 11 PM) to Paris downtown ? Is it safe ? Do you have idea about the nearest budgeted accommodation (just for sleeping only until dawn) from that bus / tram station ?



Hi everyone,
For me it depends on the situation. If I have to go somewhere during the day, I usually walk or take the subway or the bus.I usually avoid the RER because it's not that reliable (strikes, suicides, delays...). If I go out at night past 10pm, I always take a cab home, especially if I'm by myself, I'm not saying you can't take public transportation in Paris after 10pm, but personally I feel safer taking a cab. Now regarding airport transfers, I always go with either a chauffeur service or les cars air france....much less stressful than taking the crowded public transportation with bags or waiting for a cab!
Hope I helped :)

Hi Iwan,

from CDG airport, you can catch RER B, an Air France bus or a cab.

If you decide to catch RER B, take the direct one which arrives to Paris Gare du Nord in one station (about thirty minutes). The other ones are not direct and stop at each station, which is not very safe.

You also have the Air France bus. … ir-france/

Oups! Sorry, I did not see Juno's answer!

As a matter of fact, I changed the route.
Last Nov 2011 I came to Paris by DB bahn from Munchen.
Thx anyway to Juno & Paris

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