Swimming Lessons in Antwerp

Anyone know of any swimming lessons for young children in Antwerp?

I don't know about lessons, but you could check with the pools. The antwerpen.be site lists pretty much everything about the city. They list all the pools here: http://www.antwerpen.be/eCache/ABE/80/34/065.html so you could check with them and see what they offer.

I did that and it doesn't say anything about swimming lessons just public entrance.

go to the swimming pool and ask. I have been to the 50m pool in Antwerp and there was plenty of info on the walls there about lessons.

AlmostFrench, like I said, you need to contact them. I didn't say there were lessons on that page; the info for the different pools is there, to allow you to get hold of them and ask them.

DO you want group lesson or private ones?

Call and ask for Bart 0475228293

I got his card from the olympic pool

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