Admission in university

i wish to register in a university for the year 2024


hello and welcome !

Which university are you interested in ?



which country?


hello, we are on the Poland forum he's looking for uni in Poland

Hello, how hard is to get to the polish uni as an adult? Anyone has an experience?

How hard is it to get accepted into the top universities in Poland (University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian, Wroclaw) as a foreigner? What are some requirements?

If you don't know Polish it is critical to make sure that English alone will do. This varies greatly among faculties, generally don't assume anything and ask specific faculty.

There is an exam AFAIK for each course, most of the time it should be sort of equivalent to Polish advanced level matura exam in field of interest ( no clue what it is in reality, but you can probably find old written exams on the internet ).

As for how difficult it is to get accepted, it is tradeoff between hard limit of places and number of candidates. CS and maths are probably hardest to get to on UoW, and laws or finance are pretty hard. Other fields generally don't, but these include only basic sciences and humanities. Applied sciences, technology, medicine and arts are generally taught in separate academies and some of these are very competitive, too.


I heard the opposite. That there are no exams, they just give points according to your graduation - high school leaving exam (plus some school representation like a contest etc. But no exam.

@wasilewskawasil3 I will suggest to approach any institute to get authentic info

OFC I know that. I will, thx.

@wasilewskawasil3 wise decision