Recommendations on gym membership (male)---

Hi, all,

Seems like the public gyms here are extraordinarily expensive.  Anyone have a good gym they go to regularly?  I was thinking about Platinum Mahboula (because it's within walking distance of my house) or the Hilton on the coast.  The Hilton, I think, it much less expensive than the Platinum one....


id go with proximity and cost, as u suggested; its a necessary expense to kill monotony and stay fit, and in this case, anything u spend extra is acquiring quality, atleast hopefully :)

ur fellow teacher-peeps go for Hilton.

I recommend going to each and seeing if they offer all the things that you want in a gym.

Hilton is a good choice, yes. You can look into the Palms as well.

Platinum Mahboula is good for because it very near to u.

Thanks Moo.

Platinum Mahboula is within walking distance of my place!  I'll probably go there because it's huge.  It's actually cheaper than the Hilton, which is where everyone else from my school goes.

haven't seen much as just arrived, but I am impressed by Hilton's gym and the fact it is 24/7.

Just got prices from Platinum in Mahboula.  Men only...six months plus one month free is 200 KD.  One full year, plus two months free is 360 KD.  The facilities were okay, but for the same amount of KD I can join the Hilton, which has tennis courts, basketball, private beach, pool, spa, and sauna.  Much more than Platinum!  Hilton this year is 700 for couples, 400 for single women, and 500 for men for 9 months.  (I will be gone in the summers.)

if u want cheap gyms there are local gyms that cost about like 20-30KD per 3month ! but it's not a fancy one like the ones u guys talking about it's just a gym doesnt look good full of men lifiting stuff not a place to relax like planitum which where u can go take a swim relax and sit in the jacuzi and what not
my friend used to go one in mahboula if i managed to see him again i'll get the name and prices and number and where is exactly
if u want in salmyia there is one called KCD *if u wanna save money* 20 or 25KD for 3month near the restaurant street  where the big swimming pool is diving place or something like that
about 80-90KD per year

KCD  i do not recommend you man.Because my friend play there and i visit him and was shocked ,it was full of ppl and not clean.
If you wanna cheap and good ones go to Jaberya,check Buldozar and Victory ,these gyms are clean and not expensive(20 or 25  KD per month)

i always thought of going to gyms,but now i dont think of it,because till the time you go to gym,you remain fit.if you leave it goes out of control.

i alawys go at times where people are not when i was in KCD i only joined for 2month and left i was in planitum salmyia
now after finish school gonna join a new one else maybe not sure ! i mainly go to the gym to carry heavy stuff Squats-Bench press-deadlift- barbell row-Over headpresss  am training on those
there aare gyms like what Moo Said and not full with people and a good place not expnsive in those area's lots of them

ace117 :

i always thought of going to gyms,but now i dont think of it,because till the time you go to gym,you remain fit.if you leave it goes out of control.

I agree with you.I also left the gym for 2 months because i get bored after playing for 2 years Continually.

There is a good one near Hilton go check it at Alhbdan building next to a cake shop cheap and good one ;)

Radisson SAS Viking Club, good male/female gym. i would say its atleast over 100kd monthly.

Here's another gym:

How much is it?

Which area and how much will it cost for newby like me?

Looks its a chaotic to be there, per ur commendation,..tnx!

Whats the price of membership

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