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Hi all,
I am looking for a architecture job in Beijing, China. I grow up in Hong Kong and move to USA for work, but now I want to relocate myself in Beijing. Do you guys have any advices that you can give me as a newcomer? Anyone know any foreign firm that are hiring now? I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Please let me know. I am currently in Beijing looking for job.



Hi Jerome,

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You should have a look at the "Life in China guide". There are information and useful links that might help you.

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Jerome check out the current edition of Agenda magazine.

Thanks for all the info.


This is the link to the current edition of Agenda

Seems that shouldnt be a problem to get the job in BJ.

You may check out this company as they have the international sub-company which do international projects.

All the best for job hunting.

HI jemilianl,
I am an architect too, now working in guangzhou. When I was searching for a job in china I visited the big firms websites, as rem koolhaas and steven holl. They have offices in Beijing and are aways seeking for young talented (and mandarin speakers) architects. Try this way


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