References from the UK

Hi all

Was just wondering what my family should do about references from the UK. Do Malta expect you to come armed with written references already or are they quite happy to contact previous employers when we apply for work? How does it all work over there? Over here they only apply for a reference if they have offered you the job, is it the same over there? I would hate to think my previous employers are getting contacted constantly asking for a reference.

Hi Summer,

try and get a reference in writing from your former employer. That might help but it will all depend on your qualifications and skills and the way you present yourself during the interview. Your future employer won't go phoning around for references from  the UK or anywhere else for that matter.

They are more likely to put you through a test and judge your qualifications for the job themselves!


Ah I thought as much, so does Malta not really bother with references then? what test?

Hi Summer,

I wouldn't say they don't bother. If, just try to have it in writing with your other papers, CV and so on.

Test ! Depends what job you are applying for. I once applied for a IT job and they first tested my language skills on the spot and then sat me in a room with a whole bunch of examples of the work I would be doing and asked me to answer questions and comment.

In the end it was worthless as I declined a what they called a 'Maltese' salary of 4 €/hour. I was rolling on the floor with laughter until I was able to leave-)))

They were looking for aomeone reliable,responsible and able to work to a deadline but the head of HR didn't even show up for the interview which was then conducted by co-workers who really wanted me for the job! Maltese companies can surprise you .....

Cheers and still laughing about this totally unprofesional HR woman. I just suspect she was earning even less than 4 € /hour.


I can understand your reaction, that pay is very low.

I have noticed that some jobs do advertise 4 euros per hour or less:/ I thought there was a minimum wage though so how can they justify paying this amount?

Do you find that after going for interviews in Malta you could be waiting days or even weeks to hear back if at all?

I have just been complaining about the lack of courtesy regarding replies to applications.  A thanks but no thanks would be fine, at least you know where you stand.

However,  I don't think Malta is any worse than UK on that score, it is something that has always annoyed me because its just bad manners.

I hear you on that one. My husband applied for so many jobs here and has rarely received any reply. Most of these jobs applied for were by email so sometimes you wonder if they were even received. If we take the time to apply, surely the decent thing is to respond, even if it is a token email.

Hi Summer,

they don't have to justify anything as there is no enforcement of rules here in Malta. So if you sign the contract they get away with it. They have nothing to fear !

In my case they offered me 5 € /hour by e-mail next day which still left me rolling on the floor !

If they really want you they will get back soon , otherwise forget it and move on.

I'm not saying Malta is any different than other countries at the moment but it is just bad style and the company isn't probably worth that many thoughts if they can't even afford to send you a reply !


So it seems a lot of jobs offered are per hour, it seems strange that there is a minimum wage but no one enforces it. So per hour what would be a good (i.e. minimum rate) to expect then?

Hi Summer,

that depends on the position and your qualifications and experience.

Around 1000€/month is the average Maltese salary which comes down to around 6 €/hour.

If you are looking at 1500€/month you will be earning around 9 €/hour.

4 €/hour means an income of around 650€/month which would be hard to live off for a foreigner in Malta.

Over around 9000 € you will be paying income taxes and in all cases national insurance too.


From the other side, I just put an advert in UK job centre for a Software developer experiance in PHP. C-Sharp and Java. I got a reply from a DJ who was keen to learn and quite good with computers at school,  what would you reply. ? Jim

Hi JIm,

that's a good one -))) I know basically what you are talking about but at least I admit it -)))

As he is keen to learn I would tell him to go learn the stuff and re-apply in 5 years. That would be my polite answer!


PS We are probably celebrating World Beer Day on Sunday here in Sliema ! Fancy joining in ?

Hi Ricky I have had worse, "I need the experiance and training so I can start up my own business" on a CV  a few years ago, he missed out clients ?. we are supposed to be going to St Peckers Pool on Sunday. But any other time I am in Qawra so not far, Jim n Bev

Hi Jim,

oh yes !  Sorry , I forget that. Enjoy your day at St. Peters Pool. It is a really scenic and spectacular area.

I hope the event turns out nice as it would be nice to have a new Expat group around organizing different kinds of events.

Look forward to your positiv feedback.


PM me your e-mail and I'll add you to our mailing list. At the moment we meet once a week on Thursdays for our beach picnic as long as the weather permits.