Scotsman coming to Minsk wants to watch football

probably a “shot in the dark”. My wife is Belarusian, born in Minsk. We are travelling to Minsk to visit her mother and close family on 28 Aug. Will be there for 5 days. My poor wife is married to a Scotsman who is desperate to watch the Scotland vs Czech football match. Its played on Saturday 3rd Sept (15;00 hrs scottish time). just wandering if there would be any “sports” bar or similar that might be showing live coverage of the game? (there are no other games being played at this time)
Thanks in advance

Hello mark3 and welcome to!


A little too late, but there is an "Irish" bar in 2 Sverdlova Street, right behind the Red Church in Independence Square. The best place for football fans, although some tourists of mine were quite upset to see that it is a smoking place.



it so happens I ended up in the "Irish" Bar that you mentioned in your post and managed to watch the whole game. we had a good time in Minsk and I really liked the place. Thanks for your help

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