Schools in Albania

Hi just wondered please if anyone can help me.  My husband and I are thinking about moving back to his home country of Albania to perhaps set up a buisness of some sort and of course for myself and our boys to learn the language.  However i worry very much about the standard of education for our children.  Can anyone tell me about private schooling in Albania and to what standard they teach????   Many Thanks

hi, i have been living in albania for nearly 3 years, i am english and my husband is albanian, and we came here to start a  new business and to get my 2 young sons and myself talking in albanian, one of my boys goes to a private school and the other to a nursery, my son is starting his 3rd year this month, i think the private schools are wonderful here, my sons class only has 6 children in it, and most of the other classes not more then 10 children which gives the child more of a one to one with the teacher, they do the same subjects as what my son was doing in the uk, he can read and write in fluent albanian, and also has english lessons 2 times a week, he can read in english as well, in fact when we visited uk he old teacher couldnt believe that it was my sons work i was showing them, it costs us £100 per month for his schooling and that includes breakfast and lunch, and transport, the school bus picks him up at 7.30am and brings him home 4pm, hope this answers your questions,

Hi Caron thankyou for taking the time to answer my post. I certainly feel a bit more optimistic after reading your reply. Many thanks

Hi, Caron!

Could you tell me, witch private school is it?

Thank you... :)

hi yes the school my son goes to is called albanet in tirana.

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