Opening a bank account in Cambodia "from" the UK

I have my girlfriend in Cambodia and will be going out to live their from the UK in Oct this year.
On my last visit to Cambodia in July I made a mistake in not opening a bank account out their and I am now trying to find a Cambodia bank affilated to a UK bank so I can open a bank account in the UK.
I have tried HSBC but no Luck.
Any help or suggestions would be helpful.

Hi there, i've seen your question and i have been wondering the exact same thing, we will be moving in June and wanted to know if you had any joy!!!, have you opened an account yet? who did you use?

would be great to hear your experiences...


as far as I know you have to be in country to open an account, and present a valid 6-months visa (no problem to get once you're here - approx $150) and a work contract or a letter from your employer. This is true for ANZ Royal Bank, one of the biggest banks with most ATMs in Phnom Penh. HSBC doesn't have a representation in Cambodia.
Really not sure if you can in fact open an account from outside of Cambodia, but I doubt it. Just open it when you're here, then transfer your funds from your home country account!

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