Employment Pass Rejected

As Surya and me already explained, we think it is unlikely that you get a work pass. But we don't know everything and in the end MoM decides, so maybe you are lucky.
But then still you will not be able to bring your baby to Singapore, as neither you (with less than S$5000 salary) nor your bf (assuming he is the father) can sponsor it.

Thank you so much beppi! I really appreciate all ur advice..😊
May God bless you!

Agreed with Beepi. Kindly consider his suggestion and return to your country. Wait for the right opportunity then try again. Sorry, to say at this point, chances are looking slimmer. Wish you and family all the best. Good luck

There is one more idea I have, but it probably only adds to your chasing drams:
If the baby is Singapore citizen, nobody needs to sponsor him/her.
If your bf is the father, he can apply for citizenship for the baby:
https://www.mfa.gov.sg/content/mfa/over … nship.html

I don’t think child born in Singapore looking at the situation at bf’s end and both r not married. It would be too costly for her to deliver a baby in Singapore (as a foreigner). Anyway, good luck to the family.

Thanks beppi!

He can apply even he is declared as bankcrupt?
But since i gave birth in phil the other people told us need DNA test first to apply..

Thank u surya! I appreciate ur idea..

But at this moment my application (spass/epass) already submit.. As my employer and agent said..

I will wait for the result first.. Then watever result i know God has plan for us..

Thank u so much surya!
May God bless you!

Riane23 :

He can apply even he is declared as bankcrupt?
But since i gave birth in phil the other people told us need DNA test first to apply..

There might be further roadblocks, as you said. But I simply don't know, so you'd have to find some other expert to ask about this. Don't put your hopes high!

Thank u so much beppi!😊

Hi, Beppi

My employer’s first attempt to apply for my EP got rejected. Soon after I found out about this, my headhunter told me that my employer will re-appeal. However, when I checked MOM site, it is still showing the first applications details. Meaning it still shows my “rejection status”.

Shouldnt MOM site show “pending” if my employer has sent out their re-appeal?

Please advise. Thanks.

This query has been answered many times in last few months alone. Please go through other threads related to pass approval.

Pertaining to your query, the answer is NO. MoM only changes the record if the appeal is successful. Otherwise, there is no changes to the original outcome which was “rejected”. Good luck.


Good day to all,

My current situation is I was working for company A with an ep for almost 9 months and I got an offer from company B with an  ep.Just because Company B is nearer to my home country I decided to switch to company B. Due to the change of work environment and company policies , I could not cope and I left this company and I am quite lucky because my boss from Company A still wants me to join his company. Currently the job has been posted in jobs bank and EP will be applied next week. What is the possibilities of my ep being approved and how fast it will be?

Thanks guys

MoM does consider each application on its merit, so nobody will tell you whether the application would be successful or not. As you can see, we have mentioned many times that it may takes from a week to a month or more, so again nobody can tell you how many days it will take. Good luck

Nobody other than MoM can answer your questions.

Hi, beppi. For item 4, is that really true? Is there anyway can be done to get the EP approved if want to change job after 6 months?

Hi, is your EP be approved after the 9 months job? Becos my EP is rejected after i work for 6 months.

Which item 4 are you referring?
What do you mean that your EP was rejected after 6 months of job?

Next time write a message with sufficient details so that it’s understandable to others without searching old messages written in a thread. Good luck

There is no mention of an item 4 recently (and I'm not going to check all  of the 1140 posts so far on this thread). So please explain what you mean.
I have not heard of anyone who was rejected after 9 months of processing - and if yours really took 6 months, you are well above the previous record holder (4 months).

Dear Beppi and Surya,

I am so sorry to confuse you all as I do not know how to reply the specific comment like others.

Anyway, today I have called MOM for the rejection reason, it is nothing to do with the 6 months experience in Singapore. The customer service who talked to me said that their officer thinks my background is not fit with the job criteria. I am very sad to know that.

Just want to know is there any way to solve this issue.  My background is chemistry, graduated from government university in Malaysia, the position is in the brewing department. I think brewing is related to chemistry (fermentation) right? how come the officer think I am not suitable for this position  :(


You should reach out your employer and try to appeal with justification that your experiences and past educational background is indeed related to this job.

Other than this, try to find another employer with a job role which is more aligned with your experiences and education. Good luck

If the officer thinks that chemistry is not appropriate for the job, you could either get a degree in a more relevant field (e.g. food & beverages, or bioscience/fermentation) or add a few years work experience in the brewing industry elsewhere, and then try again.
Alternatively, ask your employer to start a new job opening that specifically asks for a chemist (with a job description to match - e.g. in an associated analysis lab).
Good luck!

Dear Beppi and Surya,

I have written the appeal letter to MOM to justify for them I did my supply chain internship in the brewery before but in Malaysia (the same company but different country) and attach my testimony from my internship supervisor. And also explain chemistry is related to brewing as I take food chemistry (Fermentation ) and microbiology before during university.

Do you all think MOM officer will be convinced by this? I am worried they will reject my appeal again.


The appeal must be submitted by (and written from the viewpoint of) the employer.
Your argumentation is o.k., but in addition to explaining that your profile fits the job requirements, your employer also needs to justify why they want to hire you and not a similarly skilled local.

Hello beppi/surya2k,

Sorry im not that familiar how to use this forum. I'm Jessa got hired from Philippines, and was offered a job from a logistics company they have branches worldwide. Employer is very willing to hire me, Company size per jobstreet is 51-200 employees. I have a relevant experience to the position offered, degree holder and the university appears to be included on MOM's list. I also provided all the necessary documents including transcript of records and my college diploma.

Here is my situation.

Sept 19 : Employer applied Spass
Sept 27 : rejected, employer immediately applied an appeal
Oct 8 : status still rejected.

I have read some threads that MOM also checks company's job posting.. I realized that the job they posted and the one i applied for is an Airfreight Executive but the one they offered me was Seafreight Executive.. My question is, is it possible that this affect their decision with my spass application?

Thanks in advance! :)

Yes, it is possible that the error in the job description caused the rejection. But there are also many other possibilities, so you can’t be sure.

Hello, my spass just got approved yesterday. Flying to Singapore soon!  :D

hi may i know your timeline for your pass to get approved?

8th oct rejcted and 9th oct approved how?

Tmgraph :

8th oct rejcted and 9th oct approved how?

Mentioned on 27th Sep the application was rejected and employer appealed on same day.

Hi all, I am an existing EP holder.
Got a new job offer, but EP was rejected due to salary range was not specified by the HR at the job bank . After HR amended, they appealed on early September, but there was no news till end of September.
The HR emailed MOM, and MOM saying they needed more time by saying give them another 3 weeks. And now, 3 weeks is already over, and they are saying they still reviewing it.
Am getting quite worried. It is already like 2 months since the application. Anyone have idea on this?

Thank you so much!!

Why are you worried? I believe you have an existing job with your current employer. So, at worst case if the pending appeal won’t be successful then you still can continue with your existing employer.

Now, back to your query, there are instances where appeal can take 15 days to months. So, once your potential employer made necessary changes prior to the appeal, you should wait for the outcome as at this stage you or your employer can’t do anything other than waiting for the outcome. Good luck

Worried cause the new team needed me badly...

Btw, going to MOM directly to enquire is not a good idea is it? Cause the HR said calling them was just getting the same answer.

MoM already responded the HR that they need sometime to review, then what’s the purpose for you or HR to call them again? They will respond the same thing. Any kind of desperation won’t give result. So, have patience for the outcome.

If team needs badly then they should worried, not you. Secondly, after pass approval, you have to inform your existing employer and serve your notice period. So, the new company has to wait for the entire process. Good luck

Hi all, My S-pass finally got approval today
Below is my timeline:

Applied on MOM website on 27th September 2018
10 October 2018 : “we need input from......4 weeks...”
26 October 2018 : Approved

All the best to everyone who is still waiting!
Patience is virtue

Congratulations... mine also vetting from agencies on 10 October... but still pending.

May I know ur nationality?

Hi Everyone,

I'm a Malaysian got offered as Regional Account Manager. With degree cert that listed in MOM. Checked SATS and was shown that eligible for EP/S pass. Submitted EP on 14 August, 1 week later received an email from MOM stating my application will take 3 months for review.. After 3 weeks, MoM requested for offer letter and HR submitted the additional documents within 5 day.. still pending for approval until now. HR called to MOM and MOM mentioned that similar position will required 3 months review.. it's been 76 days already.

Is there anything that I can do to justify my case to MOM?

AquariusWC :

Is there anything that I can do to justify my case to MOM?

There is nothing you can do but wait.

Thanks @beppi .. Waiting game is always the hardest. But may I know what do u think my chances of getting EP approval. Is this normal?

You should have mentioned your salary, total years of experience, industry, highest education certificate to understand whether the offered position is in line with market salary range or not. Good luck

"Normal" are processing times between two weeks and three months, but some take shorter or longer than that.
At least MoM was nice enough to tell you beforehand how long your case will take. That's more than most applicants get!

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