Commercial Espresso Machine

Hi all,

I am from Singapore and currently constructing a boutique hotel and a modern cafe in Can Tho, South of Vietnam.
I am very keen to purchase an espresso coffee machine like what Starbucks i using. I am also interested to purchase bed linens and bath and hand towels for the hotel.

DO you guys know of anyone who sells these items? Please let me know, pm me please.

Cheers and have a great day.

I have not seen one since I got here, or maybe in somwhere else. Have a look in some website then look for a branch in HCMC...oohhh..are you in hCMC?

No, I reside in Can Tho City. but now back in Singapore and will be back in two weeks time. Where are you from?

Breville BREBES870XL Express Espresso Machine is a commercial espresso machine.. It works best known to me so far.. I personally suggest everyone to buy this product in hcmc has some of the commercial Italian machines like La San Marco, La Cimbali etc. their website is in English and Vietnamese.

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