Bank loans from Cyprus Banks

Does anyone have any experience of applying for a bank loan with the Hellenic bank. If so how easy/difficult is the process. How long do you need to have been with the bank before you apply

The loan is for a pool to be installed.

Can't help at all on this one..

But I guess a quick phone call to arrange a meeting to discuss options  with any of the banks is the route to take and am sure that if you bank with Hellenic already then they are likely to be more amenable ...  When I banked with them Marios Papageorgio at ToTK branch was very helpful

Like with a lot of banks in many countries, you have to be with the bank X amount of years to build up a credit score.

If Expats in the UK want a mortgage they have to wait 10 years, but every country is different. As @Toon says, it's best to give them a call.