need your help!!!

Hello every body,
My name is Tram, I'm Vietnamese special education teacher. I want to move AUS to learn Master's but I don't known what university is well-known about special education.
Give me some advices, please!

Hi minhtram!

I hope that other members will give some tips to you soon.

Good luck,

hello, you can try 'university of Melbourne'

Thank you so much,Alex!
I hope I can do it asp and if I have any proplem, I will ask you and other member in forum,is that ok?
Hello Tram. I now live in Adelaide, but I am familiar with Melbourne as my mother lives there. I have supplied a couple of links to well known and respected Universities in Melbourne. I hope they can be of use to you. Good luck with your studies and I find it wonderful that you would return to Vietnam and help your people. Regards, Alex. … n/research … ourse=E544

UniSA is also a very reputable institution, if you also consider South Australia.

You may consider the Sydney Uni. I know some people study there and they said it's good for English teacher

Hell Epping!
Thank you for your advice but my studying is special education Teacher, not English Teacher.