Certificat de vie

Good day my name is Jean Louis Haye, working for Doctors without Borders, living in Mpumalanga specialist in water and sanitation, i am actually starting my pension in South Africa and i am French by origine.

I would like to know if some french people have problems receiving french pension in South Africa, especially with the certificat de vie, it seems problematic.

Many thanks

Bonjour ptilouis, I am also french and also receiving my pension in south africa without any problem. To obtain your form "certificat de vie" please go on securite sociale web site and print it...then simply go with your printed form to next police station with your passport and ask them to fill it up, signed and stamp...then email it back to securite sociale....

very simple and quickly done....if you need more info get in touch back with your local phone ...will call you back.. Denis