Hi there,
I need to know roughly from anybody whether 15 000 mad/month is a good salary to receive in Morocco. I wanted to know if a family of 4 could survive on this salary/month? I think accomodation would be about 4000-5500mad/month for a furnished villa/house etc.
Please could somebody let me know.


Hello Anthony!

I hope that other members will help you soon.


15.000 MAD for a fmiliy of 4 in Casablanca, including a furnished villa/house seems short... To me, it would rather be the amount of the rent (if not more) !!

Just like Fedala said, 15000dh a month in casablanca won't do it, especially looking for a furnished villa. when it comes to real estate casa is the most expensive in morocco. 15000dh is a decent salry or income in morocco, however a family of 4 and villa...ect won't cut it. a one bedroom apt downtown unfurnished cost around 4500dh a month.

Thanks for the information - so Casablanca is that expensive! - what other towns are cheaper and
nice to live in. I don't necessarily want to live in a villa or in Casablanca for that matter - as long as the accomodation is clean and liveable Iam happy!


Are you going to be working in Morocco or do you have a really open mind on the place you want to live ?  Are there any important thnings in you every day life you don't want to quit (such as cultural activities...) ?

Because Casa is the biggest city in the country. If you don't live there you may lose some benefits that the city offers. Of course you may live outside but nearby Casa, but 15000 mad may be short as well...

15k / month is not enough. Even you consider that you find a place to live (Villa, nearly impossible except far outside from Casablanca, Appartment possible, but middle range with 2 bedrooms - 100M2). Now you should consider the school fees. Public schools are not so good so you will have to go to the private one (don't know if you want your child going to a French or english speaking school) but they are expensive.
A friend left with 3 kids with a salary of around 32k/month because was not able to afford the way of life and mainly the schools.
So I don't recommand you come for such a salary.

US school in Casablanca fees are of about 60K per year...

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