Partnership in Malta?

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I would like to know everything about partnership in Malta. In this case there are one Maltese citizen and the other is third national and both are men. If anyone has any kind of information I will be really grateful. I have already done some research and it says that they should prrof they had been in a relationship for at least 2 years and also to have like 8885 euros incoming I suppose it is for year.

Thanks in advance.

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Your question comes at the right time.

Malta has just been forced to accept the EU right to free movement within the EU with a partner of your choice if you are living in a durable , more than two-year long, relationship irrelevant of the sex. … vement-law

The partner counts as your family member whether you are married or not and it does not matter whether your partner comes from an EU country or a third-country. Of course you will have to show that you have enough income to support yourself and your family member even if the status of 'dependant family member' comes with the right to work.

The quoted income figure is probably just about right.

It can be problematic proving the 2 year durable relationship.You will need documents like a rental contract in both names for more than two years, utility bills and so on.

If the Maltese partner is on social support or receiving jobless claims will also probably lead to the denial.

And the partner will also need full health insurance entitlement.


Ohhhh......and another requirement:

The third-country national has to have been on the island legally at all times present and past!

Anybody entering illegally or overstaying a 3 month tourist visa will be declined and maybe worse.

I know several cases where this was actually the main problem and you will find them going through all stamps and visas in the passport to try and find a reason to turn your application down.


Hi Aytnic007,

sadly there was absolutly no response from you to previous posts so this will be my last one to you.

I was just reading that the previously mentioned right to choose a same sex partner from a non-EU country under the Freedom to free movement legislation does not apply to Maltese citizens with a same-sex partner from a non-EU country. … -nationals

For whatever reasons Malta does not consider it's citizens to be members of the EU is all I can say. Seems to be another 'rights' issue.


Thank you very much Ricky. I am sorry that I could not answer before but I was really busy. I will keep this info and I really appreciate your help.

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the exact wording is " regular and stable income of at least " minimum wage in Malta + 20 %.

So for this year 2011 that would presumably be at least 7979 € + 20 % which is around 9575 € income/year.


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