Re enter South Africa on spousal visa


I'm married in South Africa and I'm on spousal visa I came india to meet my family now the new notice says must apply for visitor visa to re enter in south africa so I applied for that but I'm worried if they ask me for return ticket cz normally for visitor u have to have a return ticket but here the situation is diffrent so what must I do will they allow m

Hello Kangna,

I have created a new thread from your topic on the South Africa forum so that members here can guide you.

Do you have these documents :

  • Mariage certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Letter from your spouse ?

Is your spouse South African and accompanying you ?

All the best


Yes I.have everything mention above

My spouse is south african

Helo Kangna,

If you have all documents there shouldn't be any problem ^^

Welcome back.